appleton is anti-climbing

i went to a park yesterday to traverse a nice bridge made out of real rock because the only climbing gym in appleton wisconsin has died. as i was traversing this fine bridge made out of real rock trying to get pumped and not lose all of my finger strength over these long holiday eating days, a friendly cop man drove up and told me it was illegal to traverse the real rock bridge. he said he was afraid i might climb to the top, fall, and hurt myself. lame. so then i went to my childhood playground and traversed the monkey bars. i am desperate to climb in a city that is anti-climbing. at least i have this sweet mug to drink out of.


Danielle said...

are those rabbits? and...are they having sex!

kellymcbride said...

yes they are having sex in every position imaginable...and they are bunnies. my grandma gave it to my mom not realizing what was on it. we have been drinking out of it for years.