after holding babies all week, drinking wine, and losing miserably at mexican train I came back to Colorado to have no climbing success at lumpy ridge. however, i did have a lot of fun taking photos.

Below (5) Brian and Ryan aka Plow King and Rolson on Right Angry Man

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sock said...

beta secrets from the vault: to make left angry man less than v10, consider setting up on the sds holds as you would for the right angry man move [with the better, bunchier heel right next to your hands], though instead of going right hand up around the corner to the right, go right hand left of the corner to a sweet spot.... kind of a cross up move from the start... then, keep your heel tensioned, but drag your right toe to a toe hook or scum, and match the sloping nonsense w/ your left hand and continue your slaps leftwards before stabbing the juggy lip and doing victory grunts/chest poundings.

this is a real v7.... solid, yet not sandbagged....

and if you believe all that crap about the difference between the angry man variations being wich hand you go up with first [completely illogical argument], then even though you exited left, YOU JUST DID ANGRY MAN RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

snap or some shit!!!!!!!!111