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The flu... boooooooo

                         We have the flu. It's the worst! The very worst. Happy new year!

Thank goodness for iPads. It takes all of my energy to hold my iPad in front of Sophie's face so we can play fun apps that teach her words like contagious. It's a very important word. I explain it to her like this, "So Sophie, remember when you coughed in mama's face? Like directly into her mouth when you had a fever? You were contagious." Or, "remember when you put your entire baby hand in your mouth and then put it directly into your daddy's mouth? You were contagious then, too."

Here is a glorious work of art created by Sophie...with her toes. She's a creative one. She's actually starting to get pretty mad when I don't let her use her toes on the iPad and I foresee this as a potential problem. A really funny problem. 
Thank goodness I have a nice view of the pigeon finds a hot dog. I'm still trying to decide if the pigeon should have an English accent or a nice southern accent. It's a tough decision. Parenting calls for tough problem solving like this. 
At least there is a nice sunset from the couch that I haven't left in ten hours.  This is where the fever has taken me and I think it's melting my brain. I just hide under the blankets with one eye poking out pretending I don't have a ten month old demanding my attention.
This is another nice piece of artwork that has been created during flu hell. I'm pretty sure it's a robot dog (?) yes, definitely a robot dog. 

I took drugs. They are amazing. I love the drugs. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are my new friends. Now, all I have to deal with is this horrendous cough. It's much more manageable without the fever. 

If you haven't gotten the flu shot, might I suggest doing so. Although, I just got off the phone with my ER doc friend who called to check on us, and she said she is seeing lots of Influenza A come through her ER in people who have been vaccinated. We know this is what we have, because we had Sophie tested. So perhaps the flu shot this year isn't the best match for A but B could be on the way, so we are all going to get our flu shots. Yay shots! Stay healthy everyone! 


Farm Christmas

We had a nice relaxing holiday with Jeff's sister and brother. We ate a lot, made cookies, ate all the cookies, made mousse, ate the mousse, and went on a Christmas Day hike. 

Sophie got a horse from her grandparents which I promptly named Shadowfax. She carries it all around the house with her on her new walking feet. 


How do I do this?

I would like to start blogging again but I'm not really sure how. I could write about rock climbing but then there would be like one blog a month because that is how often it seems that we get outside. I am a we now, as in a little family unit that consists of Jeff, Sophie, and Kona the crazy border collie. If I do start blogging again all I will write about is Sophie because she is endless exhausting entertainment...for me. I will try to mix it up, but I can't make any promises.

Jeff thinks, and I mostly agree, that we should keep photos of Sophie off of the internet because we are forcing her to have an internet 'personality' without giving her the choice.  As in when she gets old enough to realize how many embarrassing photos I have posted of her she might resent me forever and say things like, "Daddy, buy me an iPhone!"  "Mom I hate you!" "I want a Prius! All my friends have one!"

Anyway, since I might not be using actual photos of Sophie, I might be forced to create representations of photos such as this
Gah, that took me at least an hour. Don't tell Jeff, he will tell me to get a real job. I swear she doesn't look like a 40 year old woman with creepy spider eyelashes and a wonky nose. I will try and get better at this. The photos that I would actually want to post aren't appropriate anyway. She's naked in most of them. Apparently that's child pornography.  Here is a terrible representation of Sophie crawling away trying to get to the toilet paper in the bathroom. Menace.

Anyway, that's all the energy I have for now. 


a little trip down memory lane

My oh my has it been awhile. As it turns out, when you make a human it consumes you, and you get really really busy. In a very strong effort to not fill this blog with photos of my amazing little offspring (which will inevitably happen anyway), I am going to post photos that make me smile. Google+ has kindly reminded me that I am running out of storage space in my google drive which caused me to go back through the archives of old photos that I have previously posted on my blog. Of course I am going to start with a photos of my 10 week old babe named Sophie. I simply can't resist.

Miss Angela Payne took this one. She's so good at iPhone photography. 

The archives: