How do I do this?

I would like to start blogging again but I'm not really sure how. I could write about rock climbing but then there would be like one blog a month because that is how often it seems that we get outside. I am a we now, as in a little family unit that consists of Jeff, Sophie, and Kona the crazy border collie. If I do start blogging again all I will write about is Sophie because she is endless exhausting entertainment...for me. I will try to mix it up, but I can't make any promises.

Jeff thinks, and I mostly agree, that we should keep photos of Sophie off of the internet because we are forcing her to have an internet 'personality' without giving her the choice.  As in when she gets old enough to realize how many embarrassing photos I have posted of her she might resent me forever and say things like, "Daddy, buy me an iPhone!"  "Mom I hate you!" "I want a Prius! All my friends have one!"

Anyway, since I might not be using actual photos of Sophie, I might be forced to create representations of photos such as this
Gah, that took me at least an hour. Don't tell Jeff, he will tell me to get a real job. I swear she doesn't look like a 40 year old woman with creepy spider eyelashes and a wonky nose. I will try and get better at this. The photos that I would actually want to post aren't appropriate anyway. She's naked in most of them. Apparently that's child pornography.  Here is a terrible representation of Sophie crawling away trying to get to the toilet paper in the bathroom. Menace.

Anyway, that's all the energy I have for now. 

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