Congrats to Camper

Brian has done the Kingpin. After his send he was asked how he felt about the problem and he stated, "It is f*&%ing amazing." Badass Brian Camp.


sock hands said...

i checked out the flickr piks and accordingly became even more jealous of your sessions... it all looks way fun...

are you kids going to be around this weekend? we'll be in the poudre on saturday, camping at red feather, and climbing around the greater ceremonies area on sunday.

join if possible.


kellymcbride said...

i fly back from Wisco on Sunday and I would be psyched to check out the ceremonies. You can always stay at our house if you don't want to camp sock hands. We also might head up to Lumpy on Sunday for the angry men. we shall see. we should climb together for sure because all of your sessions that I see on video look way fun.
word to your mother,