Harold and Kona

"Oh geeze you caught me in your garbage can again. My  name is Harold. I like to make a lot of noise under Kelly and Jeff's kitchen sink. I live in a muffin tin behind the cleaning supplies. I am embarrassed to say I have a part of my muffin tin on my head right now. It's comforting to me. You are going to put me outside now aren't you?"
 "Oh God! You are tilting the garbage can!! Ok, ok, here I go.."
 "Is it scary out there guys? My pink feet have never actually touched the ground..only the wood under your kitchen sink. Will it hurt?"
 "Guys I am really scared here."
 "Ok I am a brave little mouse."
 "Oh geeze I am scared. Do I have to? Will you just keep me as a pet?"
 "OK, here I GO!"
 "Am I blending in?"

Yes, Harold, my guest blogger, blended in really well in his natural environment, and hasn't made it back under the kitchen sink yet. I will keep you posted. 

Next up is Kona. Yesterday we went to the Primo Wall in Clear Creek and attempted sport climbing again. I find it terrifying. I have trouble with the basics such as falling. Every time I am about to fall I grab the draw which turns out to much more dangerous and awkward than actually falling, but I am working on it. To get across the river, Kona dangerously swam across some rapids and barely made it without a rescue mission. On the way back I rigged her up to my back pack and it worked out surprisingly well!! 
I am not sure she thought so...
 As Jeff started to pull her across the river she wrapped all four of her paws around the back pack AND her tail. I could barely take photos I was laughing so hard. 
 She was so stable!
 Look at that butt! 
 Almost there!
 The river
 They made it!
 Kona looks quite content
 "Get me the f" off of here."
 The dismount. Strong work Steph. 

That's all I have for tales of Harold and Kona!

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