Nic and Molly

Nic and Molly came to visit for the Easter weekend. We frolicked around Boulder, ate a lot, and climbed some too. 
 Nic putting out fires at work
Jeff at the wine store
Nic at the book store
Nic and Molly

Flowers on Pearl Street
Nic and Molly again
Leila bone chewing
If you touch my bone I will eat your face off
Nap time after driving through the night from Minnesota
Happy Leila
Easter Egg Tree Painting!!!
Jeff adding Brian's very creative egg to the tree
The egg tree! I couldn't take close ups because a few of the eggs are extremely inappropriate.
Hanging out by the fire
The weekend was so exhausting for Kona that she fell asleep in the snow at Guanella Pass. 
Nic on Mind Matters
Brian on Mind Matters
Jeff on Mind Matters

I did  Crimping Matters! after post holing up to my waist about 8 times.
Later that same day we went to the Primo Wall at Clear Creek. Well, Brian went to Recession Proof and sent it! 
Jeff messing around in his tennis sneakers
Do you see the steam on my popovers!?!? amazing. This + bacon = Easter Breakfast
Happy Easter!!
On Sunday we went back to the Primo Wall and Steph sent Sucking my Will to Live!! I didn't get any photos...but I did get photos of how ridiculous it is to do a tyrolean with a crash pad. 
Thanks for coming out Nic and Molly!! 

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