Boca, Wild Basin, Boca

oh wait...this is Eldo. We went here too, the same day we all flailed in Boulder Canyon. Brian sent Resonated, and I took over edited photos with my phone. About 90% of the photos in this blog are blurry and over edited. Enjoy!

Nik on Freedom in Boulder Canyon (this was earlier in the day)

Brian on Resonated

That's right, I made a dog collage

Wild Basin. 
 Last weekend we ventured up to Wild Basin in RMNP to find Put an Elk on it. Eventually we found it, and it was the wettest boulder I have ever seen. Everything around it was dry and the only boulder we wanted to climb had an ice cave under it and the top of it was raining down water. On our way there, Brian and Jamie both fell in the river. Since Brian was already wet, he helped Jeff build a bridge to prevent future fallings in.  This is how I got across the river :) Thank you Brian for your sacrifice and for the maceration of your feet. 
 It works!

 Kona does the old walk and drink at the same time
 Then we hiked through some snow
Brian, where is the boulder?
 We found this sick boulder and cleaned it and climbed it. I was going for the first ascent since Jamie says that girls don't clean and put up boulders; but it just so happens that he is stronger and did it first. Unfairness all around. 
 Brian learned how to mantle

The next day we went sport climbing in Boulder Canyon. This is Lua the coon hound. When she opens her mouth it sounds like this.. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She's the best. 

 Dallas prepping for the river crossing

Here is our crag. We decided to pick the most popular crag in Boulder Canyon because we don't own a guidebook and figured people could just tell us what was what. 
 Lua doesn't particularly like water
 Alyssa going for it 
 Steph got creative
 And....we couldn't even get on the wall...

 At about 4 o'clock something magical happened. Everyone left. That must be the time when normal people leave and got make Sunday evening dinner or something. 
 We got on some routes we have no idea of the name or grade and they were really fun!
 See? No idea where to go or what to do.
 no hands
 my feets


 I am not sure I have any idea what I am doing 
 Those are the climbing adventures as of late. Apparently it's sport climbing season, so we are going to attempt to get into that. Also, Steph has a wrist injury and can only sport climb so there is that too. STOP.

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alex said...

Sorry it was so epic to find 'put an elk on it' :( I hope you get back to climb on it, it really is a nice line, but the waterfall explains why the rock was so black!