sparrow swung down and he took shape and form

I wish these photos were showing you what is currently happening in my life, but sadly no, these are just wonderful memories of the holidays in Turks and Caicos. It was a fantastic time in the sun full of snorkeling.

This is my currently reality. The cutest squirrels around. This is an Abert's squirrel. Jeff and I took it upon ourselves to move up to the "mountains" of boulder canyon for 6 months while I study for the NCLEX, (I officially graduated from nursing school) and try and find a big girl job.

 This is where I sometimes sit and drink tea.                                 This is the crazy animal that lives with us.

                                                      This section is called - What you can attract with bird seed!

                                                                                          This one likes the bird seed too.
Free time means baking eggs with pancetta, onion, and cheese
                                                                              View of Boulder
                                                    The full moon a risin' through the low clouds
                 unique sleeping habits                                                                     juicing
                                                                    and finally....rock climbing!
                         This is my project. Resonated V9 in Eldorado Canyon. I can't wait to finish it.
climbing photos by Eric Lang


Steve Schultz said...

Katie just said "Dear Kelly, marry me. Love Katie."

I think she likes the squirrel pictures.

mcsmell said...

YES! My answer is YES KATIE!!