hi !

I have had a cold the past few days which is fine because winter took a crap on all of my boulder problems. I am "studying" and wandering around the house and getting my ass kicked at chess and scramble with friends. I hate losing to Jeff. I can't stand it. I started 4 games of scramble with him so that I could increase my odds, but he just keeps getting better. Today, I threatened Jeff and told him if he leaves me alone for too long today I will make stuff out of hearts. He went climbing for two hours...soooo I made a chain of paper hearts out of valentine's day ads. It would probably look less ghetto if I hadn't used newspaper, but I had fun cutting up the awful ads. The dog is also afraid of them which is a bonus. Overall it was a giant waste of staples.

 In other news, we are going to BISHOP very soon! Only for a week, but it will still be wonderful.

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