For Marley

I changed my banner photo so my blog looks all refreshed and new, and like I care, and like I am going to write again, but I might be misleading you.

I want to send out a tribute to my friend EM's (I have known her since kindergarten...maybe before) dog Marley. He passed away peacefully yesterday morning. He was the coolest dog ever. He was bred to kill pumas and shake them to death and still be able to breathe and drool all at the same time. He was also the very most impressive shedder that I have ever ever met. A fabulous shedder. He also weighed like 180lbs and still liked to sit on your lap. His favorite food was cheese which I can strongly relate to...we both drool the same amount upon exposure to the sight and smell of it. Marley you will be very very missed.

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