ugly sweater party and goings on

Greetings from Denver and Happy Christmas
Not much going on here except an ugly Christmas sweater party.
This is Steph playing Big Chair, Little Chair in her lovely cat sweater

 I haven't been climbing because I have been sick all week with what I like to call "fire in mah lungs."
So I have been exploring the world of tea and have taken a fancy to pomegranate rooibos as well as a raspberry leaf chamomile crazy mix of wonderfulness.

 I also ate some bacon and eggs with my extraordinary homemade coffee cake. 

 Do not fear... I am headed out to Santa Cruz and Bishop for Christmas and I promise there will be climbing photos on this blog once again.


Alex said...

Awww! The McFlarvez team is cute.
Doesn't sound like much has changed since I saw you last, you're sick and you love tea! Get well soon and enjoy your holidays!

kellymcbride said...

awww damnit Alex! I hate it when you are right.. there have been moments of my existence when I have not been sick! Where are you these days? If you come back and visit I promise that A) we won't take you to Morrison and B) I will NOT be sick.

smarvez said...

Although, I could really go for a center route sesh right about now...

Alex said...

haha sounds like a plan!
I'm in Atlanta for the holidays then back out to vegas for some more filming/climbing!