what is wrong with me?

My body does not allow me to fall asleep before 1:30 and if I get up before 10 I have to take a nap or something to get through the day. This might mean I am ridiculously lazy but I blame it on the lack of oxygen in the mountains and maybe there is a shortage in my apartment too.

I may never be a responsible adult and how will I ever get a 9-5 and conform to American society? Also, why am I always hungry at midnight? This is inappropriate.

Sometimes I try to trick my body by getting in bed at midnight. I lay there with my eyes wide open disappointed that my brain won't comply.
I went to Mt. Evans again yesterday and I took like 250 photos. Ridiculous. As soon as I get through those I will post climbing stuff....for now enjoy my lovely drawing.

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sock hands said...

tell yourself that if you are not going to sleep, you have to clean your bathroom or read russian literature. either way, your brain will be all like HELL NO THAT SHIZ SUCKS! and it will shut down for sleepytime.