Lincoln Logs

I have an announcement to make. I am going to become an alpine weatherwoman. JJ will purchase for me a satellite phone and I will live at Lincoln Lake with the angry pika vs. marmot wars and pet mountain lions. When people want to know the weather they can call my satellite phone and for 500 bucks I will give them an update. For example....
Today is BAD, there are many clouds. Two thumbs down.
Unfortunately I would freeze my ass off and become extremely hungry and irritable. 
 On the other hand I could send all of my projects because I wouldn't be so damn tired from the hike. 

Oh, here I am suffocating myself with my own bicep :(


I am not sure if everyone has seen enough photos of unshackled...if not here are more.
look at those non existent crimping skillz
Keep your foot on STEPH!!!!!!

Rylan on Brazos Pequeños

Justin has small arms


Steph doing moves

Jeff on Bebe Wolverine


"my name is Kona"
"Sometimes I get tired......but very very rarely. This time it was because I ran all the way up the hill almost to the road chasing something...I am not sure what it was.."

ok more climbing

I can't explain this one

oh my gawd it's Rylan!

Justin sending Rebellion V9?

The hike out was amazing, a bit humid as we came out of the clouds, but amazing

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