So I feel like I might need to start blogging about the strangest things that I vacuum up at the Denver Bouldering Club. Unfortunately this item that I vacuumed up might just be the coolest one I will ever vacuum up, so they might become less interesting from here on out.

In a deep dark corner that I like to vacuum because it accumulates a heinous amount of chalk dust I found a what looked like something had taken a small poo. It was dry and crusty and it reminded me of living with Alex's Chihuahua (pronounced Chee- Huua - Huuua).

Fortunately for me Flan was hanging out, so I called her over to observe this strange object. She said, "hmmmm... vacuum it up?"  So I did. (Sorry Lee)  It sucked right up and made the loudest crusty thunk in the bottom of the shop vac. Flan and I looked at each other and and tried for a second to suppress the laughter, but we couldn't.  It was awesome.
My theories on what made this turd are a raccoon, a fox, a pika, a marmot, a platypus, a narwhal, an aye aye, a unicorn, or Benson. All are very feasable...except maybe the narwhal and the platypus. This is most likely the cause...
I bet it comes out at night and scampers around the DBC snacking on screws and bolts. I wish it ate chalk dust. Hopefully something this exciting will happen next time I vacuum!


Drewski78 said...

I think I ate your chocolate squirrel..

smarvez said...

I once found a cupcake stashed at the top of the vertical wall. When in doubt, blame everything weird that happens at the DBC on Thomas.