nice weather for ducks

well... the weather has been nice on the week days and terrible on the weekends, so I haven't had time to climb outside. I have had time to take jobs to the park and play frisbee though.

Herm sure has packed on the pounds in the past few days, but he can still do a handstand!
Here is the star of this blog... the frisbee catching Kona

My impersonation of Konayeah kones
putting the breaks onchomp
dog in motion
a little pep talk

climbing photos soon i promise!!


Lynnatron said...

those are some gooood dog shots!

Amy said...

Are you wearing a onesie? My heart is bursting!

chris schulte said...

wow. Beefcake!

sock hands said...

i remember this promise once.. i think it went "climbing photos soon"