kona has been dubbed jobs due to text messaging between alex and i. jobs comes up first so we leave it. she is basically a full time job so it is quite applicable.

al pal and i went photo shooting yesterday. i learn something new every time i take photos and throw them on my computer. either, hmmm... that is not at all what i expected, or hmmm, that is interesting. it is a learning process that i enjoy very much.

alex for some reason became inspired to do a back flip. ah ha. i wasn't allowed to post the photo of her face in the sand but this one turned out nice.


Ricky said...

Look straight back, Alex . . . straight back. Don't worry, anyone who's tried a back flip has learned this mistake.

Lynnatron said...

Damn, you're form is TERRIBLE!! If you wanted to learn a back flip I could have taught you...we'll work on it next time you're home. And we'll throw a pad under you before you head-plant!