Preston Bought an Airplane

My good friend Preston who owns a few airplanes took Ben and I up for a little spin. Sitting in the back for the first half hour I felt a little ill; however, we landed and switched places putting me in the front,and I felt much better. It became especially fun when Preston flew us up in the air and then straight down putting us at 0 gravity. I screamed, but didn't puke!

Ben Quam
Little boxes
Downtown Minneapolis
Preston our Pilot
Ben Flying the plane!
St. Croix
Preston's Favorite Bridge
Just like Old Times

Me flying the plane! I really sucked and made myself more sick.

Ben is bigger than our airplane, turns out if he could spin his arms fast enough he could fly!


Lizzy said...

Ha! I like how you changed the part about Ben spinning his arms! lol :)
Sweet pics!

sock hands said...

i've always wanted to spin nunchucks fast enough to fly

Julie said...

It was so nice to see you once again.I still visit your mom's blog and then yours.What have you been enjoying in your life recently? How is the family? I just returned from working as camp director at Moon Beach Camp in St. Germain, WI, at the first family autism camp that I know of. What an amazing experience.You look wonderful and happy. That's great.