the photo shoot

Since all of us were so psyched on climbing last Sunday, our session turned into a little photo shoot for a moment. Alex didn't even put her shoes on and I climbed for a total of 5 minutes. No reason really - pure laziness.
Although Flan doesn't comply with my camera in her face, Alex on the other hand is not shy. She thoroughly enjoys reflecting herself and making sexy faces.

Kona is not shy either...especially if there is a frisbee in my hand!Jemerson - look at you stud!

Sorry Mary your son is still smoking and yes, he still looks like he just rolled out of bed - always. We are trying though.. we took him shopping and got him a hair cut!
I let the Poudre River try a hand in my photo shoot. It did ok, it could have looked sexier and strutted a little more.

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sock hands said...

pure insanity. in foreign towns like parker there are tons of kids STARVING for even a small climbing meal and you had a 4 star banquet... you just let it go to waste...

next time you are feeling low energy, take a tupperware and bring me some poudre leavins'