ABS Nationals

This weekend ABS Nationals went down at the Spot Gym in Boulder, CO. I had the opportunity to take photos at the qualifiers and finals events. I took so many blurry photos and learned a lot. The results of the finals are as follows:

1. Alex Johnson
2. Chauncy Cox
3. Alex Puccio
1. Daniel Woods
2. Paul Robinson
3. Sean McColl

The following photos are a chronicling of the weekend from my point of view. Enjoy!

Puccio on women's qualifier 3

Flannery Shay-Nemirow staring down women's qualifier 2

Flan on women's qualifier 2
Alex Puccio on women's qualifier 4

Flannery crushing women's qualifier 4
Daniel and Jon
Giovanni Traversi on a men's qualifier
My 7th grade boyfriend Matt Kennedy
Christian looking ripped
Judo sick of my camera in her face
What you lookin' at Al Pal?
Matt and I decided this hold looks like a wet sand dribble
Alex cruising women's quali 2
I am pretty sure she was being made fun of for not tying her shoes
Emily Harrington reaching on women's final 1
Kasia on women's final 3
I found Wade on top of the Hueco bouler
back in isolation
Alex likes to ruin all of my shots
Paul gets all the ladies
Yeah that's right
warming up in iso... alex this one could have been good
blurry group shot
Brushing Crushing FlanFlan on women's final 4
Audrey waiting her turn for women's final 1
Lisa crushing number 1

holding on for dear life
Lisa on women's final 3

Alex Johnson on the top of women's final 3
The crowd's reaction to Daniel's flash of men's final 3
Alex Puccio on women's final 3

Jemerson! So photogenic.
women's final 4

Jemerson and Feinberg
Chauncy at the Youth Finals
Good job to everyone who climbed and worked hard!


Lynnatron said...

Yea Alex!

Abbie said...

great pictures :)

wade david said...

oh man and photo of me with some hair, all shaved off now...........

Matthew Kennedy said...

i'm pretty sure dating a 7th grader is illegal....

sock hands said...

supadope shots, mcB!