man panties

alex and i climbed in man panties. yes man panties. we slept in them first. so airy! then decided to climb in them. again very airy! they are only fun alone and not actually under clothes because they ride up and get bunchy and really impede climbing. but alone...freeing. in fact you can see every little flex of our butt muscles in them which isn't necessarily a fantastic thing, but it made us giggle. we dyno'd around for a bit then made attempts at center route in 70 degrees. bad bad idea. alex threw silent fits and i just injured myself. flan cheered. it was great fun success but not climbing success.

i thought i took good photos then found out i accidentally had my ISO set at 1600 hence the graininess of my pictures. ah well.


climbingnarc said...

pretty much the worst thing ever when you forget to set the ISO back and go look at the pictures you took. SUCKS!

Obviousjesus said...

I might have to invest. Target soon?

Lynnatron said...

AND they have an opening if you have an itch! Sweet!