center route

After doing some serious encouraging to get Alex dressed this morning, we loaded up the Subaru and headed down to Morrison for a day in the sun. It was really nice out with a light, cool breeze. We warmed up and had an awesome girl session on Center Route - the Morrison test piece.

Flan did a quick re-send since I missed the first one. Flanimal has so much sick strength she just sends V10's for fun.

Steph is super close to sticking the big move to the flat thing. Perhaps if she didn't smile in the middle of trying hard she could give it some serious grrrrrr.

This is Kona saying, "Steph - will you please please please please throw my frisbee?!?"
Flan looking strong
I also tried my hand a Center Route and had really good time. The moves are fun, the rock enjoyable and it fit me well. I did all of the moves then began to struggle with this damn toe cam crap to get the last hold. Finally I found a different toe hook and stuck the move. I had some really good redpoint burns.


Obviousjesus said...

Fuck yeah KellY! So Good, put that shit down.
Stellar fotos aj. Much skill behind the lense.

sock hands said...

supadope! i will continue to be mystified on how folks do any moves on that rig... so hard!

kellymcbride said...

it is the hooters shirt. you must wear a hooters shirt and then you too will do the moves. you can borrow mine.

House of Payne said...

I think it,s the smiling mid move.

That's how I got to the top of everything hard I ever did.

I just never been able to smile while at Morison.

Keep smiling and climbing hard all of ye.

Ryan said...

Really dig the photos keep it up