Al pal checking out the moves
Al pal split her tip

G on Evilution

Alex and Charlie...soulmates
Trish do not read this part.... In preparation for topping out Evilution Alex decided to test her mental highball skillz by climbing a super chossy 5.6 sport climb. Scotty and I cringed every time the little pebbles she stepped on crumbled and fell to the ground. The best part was the top when she attempted to pull over a large bulge. It was the dodgiest move of the climb. Her feet slipped and her left hand hold crumbled beneath her super strong grip. She said, "wo pony" and stepped back safely onto a ledge to prepare for the down climb. Scotty then shared his broken back story with me while Alex was downclimbing.Tiredness wins sometimes

YEah!!! no just kidding.. i climbed down from the top to see if I could span the move. SO hard.

I have boat loads of more photos but there are so many I have yet to look through them.
Patience JJ.


sock hands said...

word. i can wait for 12.7 hours from now.

points till then:

1. if the first thing i spit out when faced with doom is "woah pony", i will have succeeded in a life long goal of abolishing a certain word AND i will be the coolest person evar, save for alex. [hilarious to me] this one supar hippy i climbed with on deathchoss ohio sandstone once exclaimed "blast!" right before he broke off a huge terrifying chunk of choss and took a bad pendulum fall. also hilarious to me. so.....refreshingly unconventional and unexpectedly understated in the face of certain peril...

2. i'm supar glad that i am not the only one who downclimbs to see if he can make the span necessary for a last move. i do this all the time and get heckled. once, i tried to downclimb the top of get over it and took one of the worst climbing falls i've ever taken. moral: cheating is dangerous!

Kristy said...

Nice pictures and I love the story, please pass along a "hello" to Alex from Jud and Kristy.

Lynnatron said...

I like that you two are laying on top of each other in bed, even though there's an empty one next to you!