Alex Johnson sending Evilution (to the lip)
A few days ago I loaded up Alex's Subaru and hit the road towards Salt Lake. She was en route from Puerto Vallerta to SLC where I swooped her up at the airport, crashed at tall Paul's then across the salt flats into the depths of Nevada we drove. With no antifreeze to be found in her radiator we over-heated a little, but managed a refill and made it to Reno. Deb, Alex's GPS directed us to a restaurant where we ate a delirious dinner pre-driving through the icy mountains. I drove, Alex slept:) It was slow going but we made it by midnight!

exercising the dingo in the salt flats

Our first day we "took it easy" and Alex flashed High Plains Drifter, Change of Heart, and got scared on the V2 next to Center Green Wall, which we both did, and I am very psyched about.

After a night full of back spooning with Alex and Kitty, as well as an accidental turning off of the heater in our room, we went out for our second day at the Buttermilks. Alex did Seven Spanish Angels and Get Carter. It was cooold. Our friends from Minnesota Eric, Kris, and Lynn climbed with us and Kris sent his first nine Michael Cane stand.

Lynn on Get Carter
Kris sending
Alex on Get Carter
Her awesome foot workPetey
Seven Spanish Angels
We made our way back to the main area to find another boulder to tickle our fancy. We started under the Grandpa Peabody boulder then meandered over to Evilution to watch the crazies almost top it out. Alex looked at me and smiled and I could tell she was psyched so we relocated our crashpads. The first move is the hardest, or so everyone says because I never managed to do the second. However, I was psyched to stick it a few times and also have Alex push my ass to it a few times so I could try the second. That is probably the only reason she is sore today. It is such an intimidating wall! After a few tries Al stuck the first move and then all of a sudden she was sticking the big move to the right hand jug thing. Next go was the send! Nice climbing Alex!

Tiffany on Evilution
An attempted sequence.

Emma caught mid snout lick with her owner caught enjoying a beer below
The temps are supposed to go up so our hands can stop doing the screamy barfy thing that Lisa informed us of. This is where you try really hard on cold rock and your hands go completely numb. When the blood starts to come back it is super painful and you get the screamy barfies. It hasn't happened to me yet because I haven't tried hard, but poor Alex has been sitting on the tops of the boulders she sends with the screamy barfies rocking back and forth in pain. ah haa. Hopefully is won't get too warm. We shall see.


sock hands said...

total redemption, mcB! great shots!

Lynn said...

Kris said that is definately NOT the pic of him sending...he says his back is arched too much and you'd better make the correction.

Did it snow after we left or did the temps actually get better?

sock hands said...

first rule of posing: never say it was not the send burn. NEVER. you kids have no clue, do ya?

kellymcbride said...


I am with sockhands. it WAS the send burn. shhhh next time huh?

temps got hot. 60's. perfect shade conditions

sock hands said...

checkerboard photos now, mule!

amy said...

hey, it's amy from salt lake city that was out at bishop-
let me know if you or alex are going to be in town for the winter OR show, we should get together -
you have my number

kellymcbride said...

i don't have any checkerboard photos sorry bub