Lisa, Alex, and Jeff Climbing Hard in Bishop

Although I am not in Bishop, secret sources tell me there has been a lot of eating, sun tanning, rattle snake sightings and hard sending occurring. Lisa Rands sent Haroun and the Sea of Stories, V11, yesterday snagging the first female ascent. Today, Alex Johnson almost flashed A Maze of Death, V12, falling off the the last hard move when her foot slipped, then completed it on her 5th try. Jeff Sillcox had an amazing week claiming ffa's of A Maze of Death, Xavier's Roof, and Stained Glass Right. Pictured below is the pre-sending ritual of Dorito and girl scout cookie eating.
This is by far the best photo that has been sent my way. Here is Lisa on THE send of Haroun and Alex is just doing her thing.
photo by Jeff Sillcox
Nice Al Pal!
photo by Jeff Sillcox
photo by Jeff Sillcox
Lisa using the Al Pal foot stool
photo by Jeff Sillcox
Moon photo by Jeff Sillcox
Stars by Jeff and Alex
What are you doing up there Jeff?
Photo by Alex Johnson
Jeff sending A Maze of Death
photos by Alex Johnson

Lisa on the Womb
Photo by Jeff SillcoxApparently it was really hot outAhh haaa
photo by Jeff Sillcox
I am not there but I just wanted to say HI!

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Lynnatron said...

The womb is the best stupid climb ever!!! And Alex, put some pants on!