I have to thank Picasa web albums for the recovery of the finer points of my life in photograph form. Here are the ones that made me go ahhh... the memories.

Dallas and Cam

Danielle and I in Hueco



Alex and Nic training

Nick and I showing off the big guns

Slacklining in Yosemite

I don't even know

Pellet gun and beer, a great combo!

Ivo doing maintenance

Photo by Ryan Olson, Jousting at Windmills


Baby passed out on dog

Chris Craft with swirly dirty hair

Chris at Vedauwoo

Cleaning gutters...my favorite

Dommer on the Merced

El Cap


Andre swimming in Dream Lake

Jason on Bacher Cracker

Bellies at the Poudre



sock hands said...

don't know if you saw the new series i started on my blog: punching kids in the face, but maybe, if you're not shooting a bunch of climbing shots and you want to exercise your photo bug while also releasing stress and putting the youth of today in line, perhaps you too should post photos of punching little kids in the face?

it's super fun and the kids love it! i have a shot of my grandma getting punched by me in the face, but she does not want me to post photos of her due to her aversion to images of her wrinkles [true].

i have not yet approached any of my clients about partaking in a "punching the elderly in the face" series, though i do not anticipate they'd be as psyched as the kiddies.

Tim and Abby said...

You rock my sister! I am going to feature you in my blog!

Anonymous said...

i like you and your photos.

-Chris Craft

Ryan said...

Nice photos. I just had a look at my old photos and it brings back a ton of memories.

sock hands said...