Howdy Doody

This past Saturday the Horsetooth Hang went down at Horsetooth Resevoir here in Fort Collins. It was a beautiful day with smoke wafting down from controlled burns in Estes, and slightly warm temps. I can honestly say I only made it down to the boulders once, where I watched people attempt and send Pinch Overhang. It is a unique and classic line that forces you to step your foot up by your face, grab a slopey sidepull and press with all of your might until you are standing on top of the boulder smiling, thinking what a great rock that was to climb.

Vanessa Compton crushed the jump off of the huge pinch
Chris Danielson matches the slopers and sends
The Beta
Most of the day was spent in the parking lot roaming between the tents. I am absolutely certain people were climbing all day long, but it seems to me that amidst the shoe demos we really just beat eachother up all day. For example...

For some random reason someone yelled "Pile on Nic!!!!" and as Nic attempted to run from his van we responded to the command with a quickness. Nic is on the bottom attempting to breath, and Jamie doesn't look too comfortable either. I left the pile to capture the moment:)
Now take the time to notice the nalgene of water to the right of Nic's head and know that moments later the entire thing ended up on his face. Unfortunately he was screaming at the moment the water was poured, which resulted in his near death dry drowning experience. After the gagging and snotting ceased, he yelled, "You dry drowned me!!" Poor Nic. We love you man.
Not long after the dry drowning, I spent some time learning how to lasso a metal/plastic bull. It quickly turned into lasso Kona, but she became traumatized after two attempts and was briefly scared of flying ropes.
Barb is a pro!
Angie had to comfort her. She has made a full recovery.

Steph and Andi rocked the western theme

Something was very funny behind me.

Pinto and Kona kickin' it
Yeehaw Simon!

The Booths: Evolv
Overall the Hang was a great success! The after party at Hodi's Half Note was fun with a slideshow by Jamie and Angie. I would have to say the best part of the raffle was when a little kid won a huge crash pad. He was SO psyched and he could barely lift the thing to bring it back to where he was sitting. Way to go little kid.


Lynn said...

I love how anywhere Nic goes he gets his ass beat...

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Ryan said...

Cool update dig all the photos. Pinch overhang is sick that top part is hard! Looks like it was a great success wish I would have been able to go.