Trade Show happenings...

The trade show was a blurr of activity full of schmoozing with old friends and new acquaintances. Most people conduct business and make new contacts, while the rest of us just hang out, kind of feel in the way, and become lost in the endless rows of booths. I fall under the latter. I met people with different goals. One person said she was going to bring home as much free stuff as possible, while the other was trying to take home nothing. Both are very doable. All I can say is thank god for Toasters. They filled my belly with delicious food multiple times.

The competition on Saturday was great fun and action packed with distant flashes of lightning and rain to add some excitement. Here are photos of the comp.
Mammut Bouldering Championships

1. Chris Sharma
2. Ethan Pringle
3. Guillaume Glairon Mondet
4. Daniel Woods
5. Tyler Landman

1. Alex Puccio
2. Alex Johnson
3. Sydney McNair
4. Lisa Rands
5. Sierra Blair-Coyle

Lisa Rands on women's final 4
Alex Johnson holding on to the top of women's final 2

Alex on number 3 climbing along side Lizzy Asher on women's final 4

Lizzy Asher and Alex Puccio give it their all

Lisa Rands on number 3 climbs along side Tiffany Hensley on number 4

Angie Payne climbing with a rainbow in the background
Angie casually campuses women's final 3

Lisa on women's final 1 dynos for the So Ill hands

Mike Call doing his thing

Jackie Hueftle drill in hand, worked her friggen ass off setting for the comp. Jackie and Joel Zerr are responsible for the badass setting of women's final 1. Thank you for all of your hard work and non-sleeping.
Kate, Shannon, and I spent Friday night forerunning the women's final problems until about 2am. It was so much fun. I am pretty sure all of us hurt the next day after trying these powerful problems over and over until they were tweeked to perfection.
Here, Shannon and Kyle discuss a move on women's final 2.
Kate forerunning

This hold is jug! Just kidding I have no idea what she said, but she was super helpful with technical input, and full of great ideas.

I took this photo on the drive home with my camera hanging out the car window.


sock hands said...

word to the update/piks!

also, massive shout out to katie, and now, angie, for reprazent'n for the glasses climbers of america. herm and i have been needing to hold down the fort for way too long. emerson and the treacherous rylan seem on the fence, but with a strong XX backbone to the team, they may be convinced to fully join and buttress the efforts of the XY committee. wisen to the thunder we bring.

sock hands said...

also, word to the so ill gingivitis set showing up on the comp wall. <3

Ryan said...

Nice pics the comp was awesome and somehow I forgot my camera at home with all the OR hustle and shit. Good updates congrats to all the climbed well

sock hands said...

i know you're holdin' out on us, mcB! more photos!