Gypsies, Iceland, and Dirt Bags

Today was an exciting day for Andre's new problem in the Poudre Canyon. To the left of Twilight a line was spotted, cleaned and a week later climbed by Andre who named it Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves, V11. Today it saw a second ascent by Sean Drolet, a third by Brian Camp, and fourth by Ian Dorey all in an hour. Below is a photo of Corey French sending Twilight.
The two photos below are Jay Shambo working the moves on Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

It is awesome to have new stuff in the Poudre including an area dubbed Iceland because it is only climbable when the river is frozen over. At Iceland Andre put up a first ascent called Ice Nine, V10. Sean also got the second ascent of this one today as well as sending Twilight SDS. He is the MVP climber of the day.
In the little hole where Twilight lives, 13 dirt-bag climbers crammed themselves in there today. There was not a lack of crash pads.
Last Sunday I helped install a new foamy floor at my gym. It was great fun. There is nothing like dumpster diving into foam.
Those are some feet!
Jessi and I with Kona and Abby


climbing narc said...

That's a lot of organic pads...

Crafty said...

twilight=famous. And for good reasons.

sock hands said...

so jonesing for a twilight session... will you all be sick of it by the first weekend in march, or would you be psyched for a session?

gotta be careful of posting paws like that, though... sketchy canine foot fettish folks such as myself get all antsy and want to mess wit em.

dogs feets always seem to smell like grass stains. i check.

weird? yes. sorry!