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Over the past few weeks I have been climbing and taking photos; however I am apparently too lazy to make a blog. Last weekend we made the drive down to Morrison. It was nice to climb on rock and be in the sunshine. Some would say Morrison is not the best climbing area due to the "rules" of the game. I enjoyed myself and all of the contrived loveliness. The photo below is Herm climbing on Center Route, the seemingly non-contrived classic of the area.
This photo below is Brian sending the very fun Helicopter.
Herman again on Center Route with a nice colored shirt.

This is a deceivingly steep photo of the wall at Morrison... nice viewMe being myself
Brian crushing the moves on Center Route
I don't know the name of this climb nor the climber, however, it is a good climb

Sometime after Bishop we went up the the snowy Poudre for some attempted rock climbing in the snow. The photo below is the send of Tsunami.. a nice V7.Profile rock as seen on the drive up to the 420s.

This photo below is Brian sending Public Property, V11. He did it a little different than Paul by going out left and then coming back to the small crimp for a small jump to the awesome sloper ledge. Still hard either way. Nice work Brian. I am psyched on this one!

This was some mandatory maintenance on top of Circadian Rhythm that unfortunately got snowed on the next weekend. Ahh well what can you do in the mountains in the winter.
Ahh good old Horsetooth Resevoir. We went here one day when the Poudre was similar to the Arctic.

Here is Brian climbing on the Power Glide boulder just for some fun in the sun. The next day he sent the low start called THC.

Below is a delicious deer skull chillin' in the snow.

This nasty little black spider was lurking in our patio door. So GROSS!
Lately we have been taking full on missions up to the Twilight boulder in the Narrows area of the Poudre Canyon. It is a really beautiful walk across the frozen river on thick ice and the climb is up in a dark fantastic slot. Yesterday Brian, and Blake sent the sit that goes at V10, and I sent the stand which goes at V9. I am going back for the sit soon. In the blog below are some dark and crappy photos of the boulder problem. Enjoy!


Ryan Olson said...

sweet pics dood.

k-diddy said...

nice pictures

for the record, the boulder you refer to as the "powerglide boulder" is in fact, the "talent scout boulder"

arf arf

kellymcbride said...

thanks for the correction k-diddy.

Armin said...


I'm trying to get in touch with herm feissner. When we met in bishop we made plans to boulder in swizzy the next weeks, but I lost his phone number and email adress. would be great if you could help me out.

my e-mail is: burit@gmx.net

take care, armin