ABS Nationals

Last night I attended the ABS Nationals at the Spot in Boulder. Man was it crowded. Danielle and I fought our way through the crowd and found ourselves standing on the second floor on top of the counter where they serve the beer. After a brief spat with a Spot employee we decided that we were going to hold our ground on that counter because we could see at least 3 of the problems. We were far less hazardous than the people standing on railings. As a result, most of my photos have peoples heads in them...which adds a nice "artistic" feel. Alex Johnson representing for wonderful Wisconsin was the only female to complete Women's #4.

1. Alex Puccio
2. Alex Johnson
3. Paige Claasen

1. Paul Robinson
2. Chris Sharma
3. Sean McColl

Lisa on problem 1

Women's #2


Paul Robinson

Chris SharmaAlex Johnson crushing Women's problem 2
Alex Puccio flashing #1
Sean McColl

Today we went to the mouth of the Poudre and tried this problem that we think Corey French put up. We dubbed it the French Arete . Conditions were chilly.

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Climbing Narc said...

Yeah, that crowd was insane. Perhaps they should try selling a couple hundred fewer tickets next time.

Also, Alex Johnson should have won...