Today was a fantastic day at Lumpy Ridge in Estes Park. It was snowing in the mountains and the wind was blowing some light flakes our way for a better part of the day. The temps remained warm however, and I was just happy to be outside. Andre made quick work of Left Angry man, V7, and an even quicker ascent of Right Angry Man, V10. Although he couldn't do a single move on Sap, V9 (V12 according to Andre) he still had a good day. I also had a good day and finally did Left Angry Man. I think I was my 3rd or 4th day on it over the past two years. It is really just one learned move, and after I did it once I could do it again and again. Funny how that works.

I guess Brian smiles sometimes when he is climbing. Who would have thought!?Andre sending Left Angry Man
Andre trying the move on Sap
Young Dre sending Right Angry Man

There was a competition at my gym on Friday. The theme was Rockin' 80's as you can tell by my classy outfit.

Heidi rockin' the 80's spandex and side pony tail
This is the sleeping dog portion of my blog. I do not understand why anyone or thing would fall asleep with their head dangling below the rest of their body. Who ever said border collies were smart?
This is a somewhat new addition to our family. His name is Tuck.


Jamie Emerson said...

Just cuz Andre coudnt do it doesnt mean its hard. V9.

sock hands said...

1. it all comes down to one move: can you bump from the intermediate in the roof to the gaston? if yes, v9 or 10. if no, v34.

2. holy outfit, mcB!

3. nice job on left!

4. all of our dogs sleep with their heads off the dog beds for some reason, on their sides, with their spines all kinked. i think it's crack. they are all on crack.

5. -reserved for future commentary-

6. i think i CAN come up for twilight on sunday instead of saturday... works out better for my buffalo friend to meet w/ him sat night rather than sunday morning anyway. so, camper can go to clear creek and THEN CLIMB WITH ME ON SUNDAY !!! thoughts?

Lynn said...

Oh, Tuck is tuckered out...is he yours and Brians, or are you just dog sitting? 2 dogs is a lot of work, specially if they're both puppies! Remember what to do if you're missing something, look for the littlest dog, he has it!

sock hands said...

holy crap is camp rokking scarpas?

Anonymous said...

Sap is not V9.


PS (Jaeger)- There's a chance I may be showing Twilight to some peeps on Saturday. You should come. The more pads, the merrier.

kellymcbride said...

correction..Andre just didn't do the crux move. Whatever the grade.. it is a hard problem.