not much to write about

This is Kelly again which is unfortunate for everyone as I do not have the witty sense of humor that Herman has... in fact I have many direct quotes from him saying, "Don't even try to outwit me! I will win." He usually does. So today we woke up to a horrible darkness over the Buttermilks in the form of snow clouds. We decided to drive up there and try and climb anyway. It was bad news. I had wet shoes, wet crash pad, soggy fingertips, and soggy dog. The photo below shows Chris and Brian admiring the wet holds on the Mandala. Yes this is Herman's face smiling at his undercover addiction of looking at celebutard websites. Here he is gawking at Britney Spears and her hot pink wig.

I think the close quarters of our motel room are making us all batty. I sing and dance while Brian and Herm just look at me like I am crazy. Anyway, without Family Guy I don't know what we would do.


sock hands said...

i say you should entertain yourselves by plotting pranks against the others. this will be extra tricky since you are all in plain sight of eachother. perhaps cut the power to the room for a minute, set up a prank, and turn on the power again and be all like "what was that" and then like "omg herm that's TERRIBLE... who coulda put celophane on the toilet???... sorry about your shoes!" and then be all like BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

ps: the kind traverse is still v15, so center direct must still be v14 at LEAST.

kellymcbride said...

You are entertainment enough.

sock hands said...

olympus e410: intro level digi slr, though it seems to work quite well despite adverse conditions and regarded operators!

psyched that it came w/ two lenses, one of which is fairly wide angle for good bouldering shots. even my film slr was way too limited for closer quarters bouldering shots.

it's not the d80, but i'm psyched!