Back in Colorado

Congrats to Paul for being a badass and flashing Nagual! Nice work Paul!

We are back in Colorado and the heinous snow:( Below are the clothing requirements for climbing outside right now.This is a photo from Bishop of Herm on a rest day laying in the dirt.
This is Herm gambling at the Paiute Palace. He was trying the game that I won big on...however it seemed to have turned cold on him.
Below is Christmas day with Chris and Brian. I kicked their asses in Scrabble.
This photo is from the drive home from Bishop right before the Eisenhower tunnel.
Ahhhh Big Landia at Carter Lake the Rotund.

This is our Christmas tree

Chris Craft on the Rotund

Brian on the Rotund at Carter Lake
Brian working out the moves on Mudweiser


Karmatron said...

Vealman! hah.

Sorry dude but I suck at Scrabble.


Lynn said...

Hey Kelly! Sorry I couldn't keep up the blog to make you jealous! Really intermittent wireless, durrr! We're already planning for a 3 week trip next year! You guys up for it? Bishop is where I want to die and be sprinkled! So be careful to keep your mouth closed up there....