machen foto


sock hands said...

awesome stone!

Anonymous said...

ah ha!!

the crazy german.

perhaps you both think it would be fun in your friend from the southeast was there.

she thinks so too. but she only has two hundred dollars and is trying to do every v9 in rocktown with only one climbing shoe on while drinking vodka red bull.

good thing there aren't too many.

and climb the orb backwards. from the top down, leading with my feet.

hmmm, you have a blog. i have a dog. and sleep on a log in a fog.

brian still owes me some tobacco.


Lynn said...

Oh, what a cute puppy! Pete and Kona are gonna have a great time together! Crazy will just watch from a safe distance. Our trailer's almost done, and we're a week away from leaving! Can't wait to see you guys!