rock climbin'

"I don't need to know about photography cuz I'm good at rock climbin'. I only need to learn one thing at a time." -Herman Feissner
So here I am in Bishop with two split fingertips and too many projects. Layla and Chad left today to go to Hueco so I am stuck with the boys and cold temps. Brian and Herm are close to sending the Buttermilker, and the balance move on Soulslinger continues to give me trouble. I haven't really been psyched on it so I have been trying other things like the really hard Center Green Wall and Center Direct, and the list goes on. I will post more photos tomorrow.

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Armin said...


I'm trying to get in touch with herm feissner. When we met in bishop we made plans to boulder in swizzy the next weeks, but I lost his phone number and email adress. would be great if you could help me out.

my e-mail is: burit@gmx.net

take care, armin