andre sends the super kind, large, real large, and tommy's arete

Brian sending Tommy's Arete at Emerald Lake

Andre sending Real Large

Another day up at emerald lake proved to be very successful for "big" Andre no peach fuzz DiFelice. First he sent the Super Kind Traverse, second Real Large, third Large, and last Tommy's other arete. A good day for Andre but again unsuccessful for me as I keep doing what Angie told me not to do which is falling off the end of the Kind Traverse.

On our way up Andre decided to go for a swim in Dream Lake.
My tiny digital camera only takes video in 20 second increments so it kind of skips a move or two because I had to press record again. enjoy.


sock hands said...

so INSANE! kind traverse is v18, so the super kind is, like, v36.

nice crushing on sat! i'll try to put my work into it to be ready to session/dual-send in a few weeks if you do not crush it during the week.

please make camper tell me what he's calling 'belcer's roof'.


sock hands said...

tick tock, fool! get up there and finish the kindtrav. so i can make the video!

also: any muzak preferences?

lemme know.


Neil said...

Congratulations Kelly on the Kind Traverse!

kellymcbride said...

thanks Neil!

Vida said...

Good post.