On my way home from the park this afternoon I picked up Tschohl from Mike's (Adam's) tree service and we decided to climb on the chunk of rock across the river in the Big Thompson Canyon. Getting across the river was hilarious with both of us making screaming noises with each step as we thought we were going to fall into the strong current and get washed down river with waterlogged crashpads. It was soooo humid but kind of fun.Then I cozied up on the couch with a glass of my mom's favorite liebfraumilch, and the new Harry Potter book. Oh it's so exciting!!! Thanks for the shout out Jemerson!


Climbing Narcissist said...

nice work on kind traverse

sock hands said...

video shall drop by close of business on friday, i thinks.

werd x11

Climbing Narcissist said...

sweet jj.

kelly, potentially bothersome comment has been removed...did not mean any offense of any sort.

cue borat voice:
very nice!

sock hands said...

wise to this: http://straightouttabedlam.blogspot.com/2007/07/video-ready.html

Anonymous said...

Kelly - this is Ben from NY. I met you at Yosemite under Midnight Lightning. Saw you posted to Justin, thanks. Hope your trip was good, and nice meeting you.

Justin - how the hell are ya? Haven't heard from you in a while...I'm still kickin here in Binghamton NY, rehabbing my fragile tendons after bangin them up on Midnight Lightning - but I sent it!!! Hope all's good, drop a line to alpha514@aol.com if you come to NY. You too, Kelly. Later.

~Ben Sternberg

sock hands said...

ben: send me a photo of you in your " YO - SEMITE ! " tshirt: iclimbbigrocks@hotmail.com.

if you do not do this, DOOM happens.

KELLY/FOOL: even if you do not believe you have things to post photos of, please photo shop photos from home involving commonly popular themes as 70s cops, ninjas, fire of all types, fake-beating dogs, dogs fake-beating you, rad jumps, cat burglery, ninjas again, and wisconsin cheese.

kellymcbride said...

ok i will work on all of the above.