emerald lake

today i went up to emerald lake with wowczuk, little andre, and josh mitchell. josh is in town from north carolina just checkin' out the front range. the kind traverse was my main goal...i made some good progress. little andre difelice sent the kind traverse with a quickness and then got psyched on the super kind traverse which he fell off of the last move about three times. the clouds started rolling in so we headed over to real large to try it out. after about 20 minutes the thunder started rolling down the canyon and shortly after came the rain. overall it was a really fun day that ended in drinking lots of pbr and watching free heuco. there is nothing like a good day in the park.


sock hands said...

yesh! i'll be there without the boot of doom tomorrow morning. i've already assaulted andre w/ requests to rendez vous. now, you.

show up or be lesser.

sock hands said...

shoudl be at bear lake by 9ish w/ kevin brown and maybe ryland marshall..not sure if you know them. also, i've a friend from newmexico interested in meeting up.

would you come down the big thompson canyon w/ andre2000?

i need to take it really easy, but you kids can bust up there quick style and i'll get there when i can on the hike.

should be fun!

sock hands said...

in case you didn't get the memo:

kind boulder.

i cannot climb vert problems for a long time, still, and even when traversing i need to be way careful now that the ankle is not protected by 10 lbs of plastic, steel, and pure BOOT.

sock hands said...

andre is a working man for saturday. FOOLFACE!

kellymcbride said...

I'M THERE!!!!!! except i don't wake up that early so i might be in the parking lot around 10ish. but i will see you at the boulder...or you might still be hiking up so I will catch up to you.
foolface to you.