back in colorado for a day or two

Kris has been watching me climb for two weeks now and I am pretty sure she can give you beta for all of my projects for tall and short people. We went to Vedauwoo yesterday and I of course fell off of the very last move of the Tempest again and again. Damn that problem. I have put so much work into that small piece of rock only to leave skinless and somehow still psyched to go back again and try to send. Today we went up to Emerald Lake and I did all of the moves on the Kind Traverse again, and can do the first half with ease. Putting it together will be very nice! If anyone needs beta I have Kris' phone number for you.
Kris and I have been dubbed heterosexual life partners. We like to touch each other in friendly ways and it's very nice! (insert Borat accent)Tomorrow morning Kris and I are going to do the fabulous drive to Illinois. We will be getting the Nebraska crazies around noon. Woo hooo! Oh man I apologize in advance for the lack of climbing in my future blogs as I will be in Wisconsin for the next three weeks. word.


sock hands said...

dab. advanced apologies for not posting climbing photos only gains 7 american days of amnesty. 3 weeks? hells no.

give posting privaleges to the camper!

Climbing Narcissist said...

wisconsin is a great place to live if you like just off vertical, frictionless toprope climbing...