cheese curds...beer...humidity...green grass...oh good old wisconsin. i have been doing absolutely nothing related to climbing besides the occasional push up and pull up. I attempted to set up a slackline today but I did not have the required strength to make it tight enough. My brother comes tomorrow from Florida and hopefully his stay at home Dad strength can help me make it tighter. My mom has put me to work cleaning gutters and doing other random things around the house that require lifting and moving of heavy objects. I can't complain.
At some point I am going to climb the sweet sandstone that Necedah, WI has to offer. I start a summer school class on Monday. Wooo Hooo. Kona and I have been chillin' and breathing in the oxygen filled air. That's really all I have. Climbing photos will be posted soon. word.


Ryan said...

Good old Wisconsin, that is where I first learned to climb.


Lynn said...

Oh, Kelly! Are you gonna swing through the big TC? We all miss you! I don't really know where Appleton is...is it far? The gym rats keep dying off...I mean, moving to CO. I think I'm gonna have to blow up part of the state and generate some new boulders here so people stop leaving us. Love ya, Lynn

sock hands said...

sympathy: my dad always made me clean the gutters as soon as i got back home from college. then, the next day at dawn, he'd go flipshit with the chainsaw and extendo-pole limb cutters and denude the entire canopy, leave all the fallen limbs in a pile, and wake me up with a "lots of limbs out there, better get to it" to clean the entire yard.


now, sympathies aside, MAKE CAMPER EMAIL YOU PHOTOS TO POST !!!!!!!!111111