ohhh the good ol' times

Well... we officially left Yosemite today. We woke up, felt dirty, hot, and exhausted and packed up the car and left. The valley has become filled with tourists who shop, create horrendous long lines, drive, hike, take pictures of fat squirrels, and drive some more..oh and they are always eating. Needless to say the temps were getting higher, the tourists and mosquitoes thicker, and Midnight Lightning even shmarmy-er.

Lately, instead of throwing shoes at it, I am really loving the problem. It is super fun now that I have starting sticking the lightning bolt hold for more than a millisecond. No, I haven't officially stuck the move but I am sooo damn close. This has left me quite satisfied to come back in cooler conditions and hopefully make more progress.I participated in a push-up contest the other night, and I could barely drive my car today. I can barely do 5 push-ups sober, but 45 in a span of ten minutes is ridiculous for me. It didn't affect my climbing though. I have just been messing around on fun stuff for the rest of my trip and doing a lot of drinking of good overpriced beer and mind erasers.We set up a slackline down by the Merced and watched Valley locals do crazy things that you would never think could be done on a slackline. We also got ourselves lost on night walks aided by our "borrowed" solar light from someone's campsite.
On our way out of the park we stopped at all of the tourist spots for photos. Kris got mad that my clothes bag wouldn't close so she just pulled everything out. Fantastic.


sock hands said...

plz bring back "the force" as souvenir. i pay.

kellymcbride said...

sockhands!! Ben from New York who sent midnight lightning and kicked its ass, says hello, and misses the good 'ol times at niagra glen mo fo sucka jive ass turkey.

kellymcbride said...

oh and the force is too big to fit in my car

sock hands said...

mr. sternberg always talked about a t-shirt he made that said:


was he wearing it? or could he not walk-the-walk of making and wearing wierd t-shirts?

psyched he's out climbing.


Anonymous said...

From Ben from NY...For the record, that was Brady that made that T-Shirt and I do have it. Since doing that, now I joke that I can retire from climbing! Congratulations Kelly on the Kind - that's proud! Justin, the girls are climbing harder than us now, maybe it is time to retire!

Anonymous said...

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