f'ing yosemite

We are once again chillin' in the Ahwahnee spending $2,000 on one beer, or seven to be exact. We come here to enjoy the nice couches, the ambiance, and the non-dirt flooring. Blending in isn't the easiest when you aren't wearing nice shoes and you smell funny because showering is too much effort, oh, and you have toe flappers that are wrapped up to resemble a delectable pig-in-a-blanket. The photo above is Ivo cleaning Midnight Lightning with my water bottle and 4 crash pads stacked. Oh it was hilarious.

While not on midnight lightning, we've been beaching it. Yoga is fabulous and relaxing. Today I (Kris) did yoga on a ponderosa pine that has fallen in the past three years. It was crunchy but satisfying.

I (Kelly) had a fantastic day bouldering not on Midnight Lightning. I poked Kris at 4:38 a.m. this morning all psyched to get on the problem in good temps. I ended up getting pissed and not even trying because I didn't have enough pads, which resulted in me throwing my shoes at the boulder. I am still pissed. It's either too hot, not enough pads, or I am just scared to land wrong. I love making excuses...basically I am getting spanked. After, we went to lower Yosemite Falls at 6 a.m. where there were zero tourists, then we went back to bed.

Later I went on a Curry Village bouldering circuit and climbed some sweet boulders. This problem that I tried my first summer in Yosemite called Kevin's Traverse, V3, was my very first project. I finished it off today in one fell swoop. Then I went over to a problem called Root Canal, and did it in 4 tries. It felt good to be on top of a boulder. I love climbing...I am so obsessed it is ridiculous.

After Root Canal I went up to Circuit Breaker, 5.11b, and did two laps on it. What an amazing finger crack! I haven't climbed a crack in three years and wow that is a splitter crack with perfect finger jams. I got the hell out of there before some rocks landed on my head, as it is in a massive rock slide zone. I might just give up on Midnight Lightning until I can come back in better temps. I don't know yet.


chuffer said...

good stuff ... 6AMsessions4lyfe

Ryan said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. Looks like you are having a rad time.