It hurts to move.

Kris and I drove an assload and ended up in Yosemite valley late Sunday night. With a nightcap of the Top 20, I woke up super early giving Kris a huge smile in the face to wake her up along with a round of silent clapping, and we headed over to Camp 4. We warmed up a bit and the temperature went up as it approached afternoon. My first day on Midnight Lightning was kind of shitty. It was too hot, my skin went to hell, and I was only climbing up and setting up for the jump move to the lightning bolt hold when I would either slip off of the left crimp, or not have the balls to really jump for the hold. I woke up early this morning, or actually Kris poked me at like 7a.m. and I glared at her, and then quickly remembered why she was waking me up. I wanted to get back on the problem in better temps. This morning I failed miserably at making any progress, and actually made reverse progress and thinner tips. We called it a day early and I have decided to not get back on it until tomorrow evening. I'm not really a morning person anyway.This afternoon Kris and I hiked to Hidden Falls off the Mirror Lake trail. She had to really talk to me into it, because I am freaking exhausted. It was beautiful though. Someone had left a fixed rope on some sketchy slab so we were able to climb up to the top of the falls and get kind of naked and do some Yoga.I am now sitting in the Awahnee hotel and it hurts so bad just to move. Kris and I are going to top our night off with some "soothers" of raspberry lemonade and hard liquor substance.Jason on the Bachar Cracker, V5

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