climbing rocks and stuff

ok an update. Since my last post, I have sent my project Jousting at Windmills.

Brian sent Get Over It! In bad weather.
Also we checked out the Boxcar boulder in Wildbasin, RMNP. It was very nice.

Then I drank some beer and I am waiting, waiting, waiting until Sunday when I leave for Yosemite. While waiting, I decided to shoot the pellet gun for fun, and flex my muscles with Nick Selsing in the mirror. Really what else is there to do?Milldred and Kona are best friends on Marty's new Organic crashpad


Anonymous said...

put m7bouldering up yo

Ryan said...

Sweet bouldering pictures I dig that climbing area. Have a good time in Yosemite.


sock hands said...

werd to the milkstout. one of my prefs.

werd also to the dog fights. i'll bring mine over sometime.

what's the minimum bet?

is the organic pad for body slams during the dog fights to keep the fight going longer?

i put up your tamarisk kung fu photo. couldnt' take too long on it.


Lynn said...

Your puppy is super cute! We're getting a new on today! Kris is probably picking up his new puppy at the airport right now. It came in from Calgary, CA. He says he's gonna name it Bill...I hope not...