a day with girls

Finally i had the opportunity to climb with girls yesterday. No offense to Brian but climbing with girls is so much better. First we went to one of my projects called Deep Puddle Dynamics, V9. Then after the random hail storms stopped we went to the Marble, V11, for Shannon (who just sent the Kind Traverse, V11, on Sunday!!) Then Danielle sent Revenge, her first V6!!! It was very good company.

My job is so unorganized it is driving me crazy. Other than that life is superb.

Brian on Left El Jorge, V11
Me on Right El Jorge, V8/9

Brian on Sunspot, V11, upper chaos canyon

Scott Hahn quote of the day..."Dude I had the wickedest leg pump you could ever feasibly imagine!"


HetchHetchy said...

did I ever tell you Brian is hot? Well, he is. You can tell him that. Perhaps it will make him think I'm a bit more normal. So excited to see you. I think wet myself. really.

Danielle said...

I really, really wish we were doing a day with girls tomorrow. Instead, I'm going to work on Tommy's alone :o( Shannon is off to B.C. and you're in the Midwest. Girls RULE!!!