Little Brother experiences Chaos Canyon

Brian's little Brother David came to visit us here in Colorado this weekend. It was his first time seeing the mountains, and his first time hiking at 10,000 ft. above sea level. Brian picked him up from the airport early on Friday morning and brought him up to the park to hike 2 miles up to Chaos Canyon. He was absolutely amazed that he was standing on snow in July.

Dave is the polar opposite of Brian. Very relaxed and chill. We drove around and saw the scenery, ate good dinners, and watched conspiracy theory movies about the Bush administration.

Brian took a few steps backward on Bush Pilot, V11 due to the heat, but a few steps forward on Sunspot, V11, due to new beta. I have two new projects that I am so psyched on it is unbelievable. Right El Jorge, and a somewhat shitter, Sunspot Left. It has a few good moves but the real line on the boulder is Sunspot...I am just not strong enough to do it yet so I have to do the variations.

Brian and I both feel like dying just a little bit after hiking all weekend, but we will recover quickly I am sure. There is nothing like hiking up to the park to climb all day. Nothing really feels quite so satisfying.

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