no job

Lake Haiyaha

My search for a job has been highly unsuccessful. First of all there are no jobs to be worked, second of all if you do find one it pays less than 7 dollars an hour. Hopefully I will find one soon.

In the mean time, I have the park to distract me from real life. Brian and I went up to Emerald with Erin and Vealchop, and we met up with Scott Hahn, whom I have been waiting to meet for a year and a half
after hearing hilarious stories about him. He sure is a unique person. Here is one Hahnism, "I've found that if you leave the dead mosquitoes on you it deters the live ones from biting you...ha ha" Or, "Dude I found a head cam on this route I was climbing the other day!" Oh he makes me laugh..what a good guy. Scott and Brian both sent the Kind Traverse, V11. Erin and Danielle both sent their projects, the Kind, V5. I have not yet done anything, but I am hoping that after working on three problems that I love, that I will go up and crush them all in one day. That is my plan for tomorrow anyway. Danielle, Shannon and I are headed up to Chaos to work on Tommy's Arete, V7, and Revenge, V6.

At the last possible moment I decided to take Public Speaking which started on Monday. I have been putting it off for awhile now, and I figured that a summer class would be much smaller, quicker, and easier. I give my first speech tomorrow and then one on Friday. Then one a week until July 7th. I am scared. I am completely fine with getting up in fro
nt of a large crowd and speaking, however, when it is planned out like a speech I get really nervous.

I have to make taco's now, and Taco (the dog) is going to watch me make taco's and beg for some taco's and I will say no Taco, but I love you Taco.


HetchHetchy said...

get a job, really, get one. i love you, but you need a job. really.

muzik316 said...

Good to see your doing well. Gosh what I would do for some taco's.... not the dog either. Do you ever wonder if Taco bell uses Dog? they do use grade "D" meet from what I heard. Maybe "D" stands for dog. Tell taco that he must hide.