quality time alone

today i went up to chaos only to find lightening and rain, so I turned the toyota around and went to lumpy ridge. At lumpy ridge I walked up to Angry Man Left, V7, and the second I sat down to put my rock shoes on it started pouring. the problem is overhanging so I didn't really care, until I realized that it is really, really hard and became quickly frustrated. The rain let up and i hiked down to this problem called Jaws, V4, and had a lot of fun on it. The rock reminded me of Yosemite granite except it is way sharper and bigger crystals. At the beginning of my day I was cursing having no one to climb with, but by the end of the day I was really thankful that I could spend some quality time alone with myself doing what I love. There is something that you learn about yourself when you climb alone. When you sit and rest you get to look around at the beautiful nature around you (or the chipmunk trying to eat the food our of your pack), and no one is there to tell you beta so it is completely up to you to figure the problem out.

On Sunday I spent the day with Brian. He is on call for work so he gets to wear this cool pager on his pocket and everytime some old person calls about water spraying on their house he has to go fix it. I got to tag along with him and see what the love of my life really does all day long. Needless to say he wasn't too psyched on me taking pictures of him...but I did it anyway. Oh he is so cute with a screwdriver in his hand.

I have an interview tomorrow for something random. With all of my free time I have been teaching myself to cook. I made my first lasagna yesterday. It is so good I am impressed with myself.

The thrill of my night tonight was giving Taco a bath. Holy crap that dog was so dirty. I just splashed her with water and the tub turned brown. Now she smells like hemp-peppermint Dr. Bonner's, and T-scholl keeps walking around the house saying, "I can't believe you gave my dog a bath!"

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