After 5 months my toothbrush has finally landed back in a holder next to Brian's. That means that I am home. Home is now Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ireland and England have turned me into a borderline alcoholic with all of the Guinness and cider. The trip was good and I have a thousand photos to show it.

Today Brian, my mom and I went up into Rocky Mountain National Park, here on out referred to as "the park". It is just beautiful. We hiked up to Emerald Lake which was a little rough driving in from Wisconsin the day before. It gradually gets up to about 10,000 ft. Brian eased his way through the Kind Traverse, V11, until the very end. He was so close, and it is all because of the conditions...of course. It started raining half way through the day and it really was sickly humid. I climbed on the the Kind, V5. It felt so good to climb after a 2 month break.
This weekend we are headed up to Chaos Canyon...I can't wait! There are so many good problems here! I am psyched!

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